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Never wait for a report card again

By building community, you can feel part of your child’s development

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Easy to use interface

Thanks to its user-centered design, parents and children can easily incorporate Kinteract into everyday life. All work is now in one place, with reminders meaning they’ll never miss a deadline again.

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Stage 4 Complete!

Joe is really showing his potential to progress to the next stage in his development

A learning record for life

With Kinteract, milestones and achievements are recorded so you’ll always know how your child is progressing. You can even contribute to their development by adding moments and observations from your phone or tablet, with all data securely stored.

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Be part of the classroom

Photo updates, video and real-time communication mean it’s easy to stay connected with your child and their school. This personalised feedback enhances community, raising your child’s potential.

Opening up the dialogue

We understand how important it is to know how your child is progressing. Learning and development happens on a daily basis and with Kinteract, feedback to parents is more frequent too. We believe that a shorter feedback cycle helps you work with educators to maximise your child’s potential.

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What Educators are saying about Kinteract

"Kinteract is a unique digital learning environment that can support your efforts to redefine what school is now and what it will be well into the future. Kinteract represents the best of a new generation of software focused first on student learning and supporting the teacher as they shift pedagogy to the 22nd Century."
T. Steele-Maley. Global Director of Foresight, Research and Design. GEMS Education
Thomas Steele
"Kinteract is a way of tracking children’s learning in a way that fits around them. It is child led and provides a window into children’s interests and developmental needs. By recording special learning moments using Kinteract, we are able to understand more about the child, plan for next steps in a personalised way, share learning amongst the team of educators, and involve families in their child’s learning journey. Alongside the observation feed, the assessment function ensures we are able to keep a detailed record of where a child is at developmentally, at any given moment in time."
E. Pickering. Early Years Leader. British International School of Budapest (A Nord Anglia School)
Emma Pickering
"Kinteract is the epitome of transformational, high impact learning technology and I believe it is the most exciting edTech product on the market today. By integrating Kinteract into the fabric of the GEMS digital learning ecosystem in all our high performing schools, we anticipate a sea change in the way teachers, students and parents engage as partners in the learning journey. Combining a secure social media experience with AI, real time portfolio building, active parent engagement, data analytics and truly personalized learning in the hands of students, Kinteract is a rare game changer in the field. The team behind Kinteract understands the kind of transformation we are delivering in our school communities and we continue to work closely together to ensure the product is a catalyst for an exciting and unique model of collaborative, student-driven learning in the digital age."
P. Redhead. Senior Manager - Digital Strategy. Innovation, Research and Development Unit - GEMS Education
Phil Redhead