Bring the collaboration closer

Our adaptive features will change the way you manage the learning process. From the classroom to the playground, capture the moments that encapsulate development and the learning journey.

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Detailed child progression

Capture important moments in each child’s learning journey and help plan their personalised next steps across multiple curricula.

Realtime collaboration through messaging and notifications

Encourage and foster participation between parents, teachers and children through conversations, videos and pictures.

A learning record for life

A digital record of progress from early years through to higher education. Highlight valuable milestones, skills, competencies and achievements.

Make better decisions

Realtime visualisations and reports help teachers predict progress and address potential issues early.

And more…

We’ve designed Kinteract to be simple to use for beginners yet fast and powerful so that it doesn’t limit you as you grow.

Iterative Progress Assessments

Learning happens on a daily basis and Kinteract facilitates this by allowing teachers to make micro-assessments and provide quick feedback.

Contextual Search and Filtering

Powerful search and filtering allows you to get the information you need fast, allowing more time for teaching what really matters.

Cross platform support

Our support across multiple devices allows you to use Kinteract anywhere, anytime.