Providing education beyond the school walls with Kinteract

by Jodie Lopez

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Despite reports to the contrary, if you read some educational technology articles, there are very few people who would say that teachers should be replaced by computers or online learning only. Nothing can replicate the relationships which happen in classrooms and adequately provide every skill and piece of knowledge across the curriculum in the way highly skilled teachers can. We have seen, and experienced, great online tutorials ourselves and they do mean that you can get the occasional prodigy who learns entirely independently via the internet. However even when this happens there are great teachers behind the materials and content they are accessing. And even then most people prefer, where they can, to access courses in person and even the Open University has great take up with their live tutorial sessions while people are completing distance studying.

We don't think Kinteract is specifically the answer to providing education at home all by itself but there is definitely a case for using Kinteract to help students to continue their learning at home, and to catch up if they missed some school through illness or temporary exclusions. 

There are three default card sets for any school in Kinteract - Assessments, Observations, and Next Steps. You can attach files to any of these so an assessment could have the questions attached, for example, so that when students revise for final exams they can access their previous tests and review any answers. Observations may include videos or sound files of work not completed in books, again useful for revision and catch up. Next Steps could include revision directly from the lesson and an assignment or extra worksheets to continue with at home. You don't need to reinvent the wheel or create extra work for teachers this way - there are plenty of free resources online which could be linked directly from within Kinteract. For example:

"Jodie is working hard on learning about fractions. Here is a link to a free BBC resource which will help her to continue this work at home." 

What you can also decide, at school level, is whether or not you want to make assignments and homework all a part of Kinteract too across all subjects. If you do we can add a fourth card set for you called "Assignments" or "Homework" or whatever you wish. This means it will be easy for everyone to search for that card type in filtering so that students can access revision and homework easily anywhere and easily see what they missed if they weren't in school. 

With many schools using various different systems for different jobs - one for assessment for SLT to analyse, one for observations and learning journeys, paper and print outs for Next Steps, and another platform for homework, and maybe even a learning platform to add resources and learning links; Kinteract can save you a lot of money every year by combining everything into one place.

One password, a login for every pupil and parent, school level control to choose various settings, no "tick box" exercises just an easy to use platform anyone can get on board with. Get in touch to see how Kinteract could be the change your school needs.