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Did you buy the bling at BETT?

Last week at the Excel Centre in London the annual BETT show took place. An opportunity for those all over the world with an interest in educational technology to come together and see what companies are offering and also to network with their peers and pick up ideas from teachers, ...

Truly formative assessment - the role of "next steps" as part of the assessment cycle

I have been working with assessment for a few years now and have made the move from levels to no levels/pseudo levels and new tests and all the other red tape that follows. Systems have made adjustments of course but Kinteract is the first system I have seen that puts ...

Assessment with a difference - adaptive learning journeys throughout the key stages

Since 2014 you have probably heard the term “assessment without levels” more times than you can count on all fingers and toes, and probably way more than that. A terrifying opportunity it was really for many. No major support in place and everyone else was either panicking internally despite their ...