Easter holidays - time for church and/or chocolate...and revision!

by Jodie Lopez

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The Easter holidays are a mixed blessing. Whether you celebrate the religious holiday itself or not, it marks a holiday period for most schools. A time to eat chocolate, relax and meet with family. But for many students it is also a key holiday which gives them time to revise and prepare for upcoming exams. As much as no teacher wants a student to be stressed all holiday, we know that the exams will be weighing heavily on many minds. For many teachers it also marks a time when they will run extra revision sessions in school, or via the web, during their own break to ensure the best results they can for their students.

One of the hardest things for students can often be getting access to the right support during the holiday. The reason teachers are so special is their ability to break a subject down into easy to manage chunks and instil a passion for that knowledge in their students. So where do they go when you are not available? YouTube? A possibility. For many subjects there are some really high quality videos there but can you be sure they are finding the right ones? Or could they be being fed misconceptions while your back is turned?

They might be using their textbooks and worksheets but when something doesn't make sense then it is a pretty dry delivery tool so lacks the ability to change the way it is explaining something to adapt to the student. 

So why not share a lot of multimedia work on Kinteract for students to access for revision? You don't need to do this all at once - although if you haven't been adding through the year that can be easy to do as well. 

In any post - observations, assessments or Next Steps - you can add resources in the way of documents, links, voice recordings, videos and slideshows. All of these would be a massive help to a student logging in from home to access them. You don't need to reinvent the wheel either. If there is a really good YouTube video on a tricky topic why not share the link? At least then the students won't be searching themselves and potentially get the wrong one. 

If you made PowerPoint or Google Slides as part of your teaching, why not attach those? These are very visual so may be the key to sparking the memory for the student. You can also add worksheets or even photographs of experiments you did in class.

As I say, you could be adding these throughout the year, which will save you adding lots just before exam time. But either way, it's a great way to ensure parents and pupils have access to high quality revision material through the holidays.

Voice recordings are really useful for Modern Foreign Language study, and for explaining concepts which would take you longer to try and type up. They also give students that memory of your voice explaining concepts which can be key. Also useful for performance arts and for supporting students who may find written materials harder to access.

Videoing yourself during some lessons and uploading those files can also be a huge help to students who missed lessons. 

Whether you make the resources yourself, or simply source them and add them onto Kinteract, make sure every student has access to the best multimedia files you can access to liven up those textbooks. And you can even add posts to remind them to take some time off from revision too!