“He who doesn’t serve, regrets”
Al Kurdi

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What We Do

Kinteract brings people together to transform the way the world thinks about learning development.

By building platforms for growth, providing focused, actionable insights, we can help everyone reach their true potential.

Why We Do It

We believe in giving each individual the opportunity to learn, develop, grow and shape their own development.

We witnessed, in our opinion, poor digital manifestations for collaboration and communication around progression, and set about to bring together the best in pedagogical innovation and product technology engineering for a step change in behaviours and outcomes.

Kinteract is in use by thousands of teachers, institutions, students and parents across the globe.

It is being used with the Common Core in a K-12 school in Dubai, with the EYFS curriculum in an international school in Budapest, with a bespoke curriculum in a high school in Shanghai, with the International Baccalaureate in a K-12 school in Doha, addressing learning without levels in a Multi-Academy Trust in Birmingham, and by a homeschooling co-operative in Oxford.

The team behind Kinteract strive on a daily basis to ensure that the product and service around it leads to improvements in learner outcomes.

Through regular feedback with customers, focus groups, advisory panels and in-app analytics we continuously seek ways to enhance and improve the product. Moreover, we subscribe to various rubrics around efficacy and ensuring the app does what we say it will and will be publicly sharing these soon.

The Team

Kinteract is guided by a team of dedicated professionals with experience in owning and managing schools, product management, technology and engineering, and a passion for improving educational progression.

Kinteract Team - Ian Blackburn

Ian Blackburn

Non-Executive Director
Kinteract Team - Bence Erdos

Bence Erdos

Senior Software Developer
Kinteract Team - Prof Deborah Eyre

Prof Deborah Eyre

Kinteract Team - Alex Farrell

Alex Farrell

Co-Founder And Chief Technical Officer
Kinteract Team - Richard Gill

Richard Gill

Head of Mobile
Kinteract Team - Atilla Juhasz

Atilla Juhasz

Senior Sofware Developer
Kinteract Team - Zsolt Kozaroczy

Zsolt Kozaroczy

Software Developer
Kinteract Team - Herve Marchet

Herve Marchet

Kinteract Team - Shehzad Najib

Shehzad Najib

Co-Founder And Chief Product Officer
Kinteract Team - Nahiem Razaq

Nahiem Razaq

Co-Founder And Chief Operations Officer
Kinteract Team - Tajinder Sandhu

Tajinder Sandhu

Chief Financial Officer

Our Ambassadors

Nishkam School Trust
Gems Modern
Gems Nation
The Kindergarten Starters
The British International School Budapest
Qatar Foundation
The Old Station Nursery